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A Word of Invitation

The fast paced world we live in can rob a person of joy and peace of mind and heart. Worship and the fellowship of the church is so very vital to a whole and happy life. We are a friendly group of people who don't pretend to have it all figured out, but we walk through life together and share in both joys and sorrows. Together we remain strong and find strength and comfort in unity.

We offer life skills and group studies that help to solve real life issues. We minister to one another, to the community and to the world at large. Our collected efforts make an impact and change the world for Jesus Christ and His glory and pleasure. When God is happy with us we find the greatest fulfillment in life.

Our worship services are a blend of both old and new music with relative messages geared toward living a better life that is pleasing to God. We don't just observe worship, WE CELEBRATE WORSHIP! Casual dress is always welcome.

Come on in and join us!




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