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Which Way?

June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017

Today in History
On this day in 1956 – President Eisenhower signed a congressional resolution which added the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. The last phrase now reads: ‘…one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’

Today in the Word
Acts 16:6-7 MESSAGE
They [Paul and his companions on the second missionary journey] went to Phrygia, and then on through the region of Galatia. Their plan was to turn west into Asia province, but the Holy Spirit blocked that route. So they went to Mysia and tried to go north to Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus wouldn’t let them go there either.

Today’s Reflection
I am not sure how “the Holy Spirit blocked that route.” I also am not sure how “the Spirit of Jesus wouldn’t let them go” in another direction. I do know, however, that so many of our decisions, our ventures, our endeavors are just that — OUR choices. We go through the process of deciding what we think best or what we want to do, and then we ask God to bless it. We can quickly dismiss the doors closing to an opportunity or the Spirit directing us to go a different way. Discerning the will of God in these times is hard. What is Satan seeking to do to deter us? What stop sign did the Holy Spirit give us to keep us from disaster? Two convictions come over me as I consider this quandary. First, I don’t seek to walk each day being led by the Spirit as I should. Being led by the Spirit must be my passion and my yearning as I draw my first waking breath each day. Second, I must learn to present my challenges and problems to the Lord in prayer to discern the Lord’s will for our lives.

Today’s Prayer
Father God, help us hear your warnings and heed the stop signs of the Spirit. At the same time, dear God, help us not give up when we face challenges and difficulties with something you are leading us to do. Help us to know, O Lord, the way we should go so that in all things your mission will be done and your name will be glorified. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


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